Film & Media


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African Film (Sound)

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1999        Internet: The BBC Video "Rhodes: the life and legend of Cecil Rhodes" and historical films about Africa" 14k, since removed to <

African Film (Silent)

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Art & Communication

2018     Book chapter: ‘ ‘ in Illuminating Lives

2016     Unpublished talk:'John Koenkeefe Mohl and Tshekedi Khama: an African landscape painter and his patron' University of Birmingham African Studies/ History seminar, 20 Jan. 2016

2015     Seminar paper:'John Koenakeefe Mohl and the Bechuanaland Protectorate: the transfrontier career of a black South African landscape painter' JSAS/RoAPE/ SAIPAR Conference, Livingstone, Zambia, 8 Aug.2015

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Circus & Popular Entertainment

2009b   Book chapter:with Alinah K. Segobye, ‘From Banyoles to Botswana: the return of a Bushman to Africa' in Witnesses to History: Documents and Writings on the Return of Cultural Objects(Paris: UNESCO), pp.391-98

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